Sunflower Floor Plans

Here are the main 10 floor plans. So that you can study the floor plans and become familiar with them, they are listed below.  There were "architectural" options such as bay windows and hobby rooms etc. which would then alter the square footage of the home.  The Kachina model was the only model with an optional 3-car garage.  The floor plans vary from approx.1096 - 2000 square feet (basic square feet).
Just "click" on the floor plans below to see them.
SUNRISE 1096 Square Feet
SONOITA 1156 Square Feet
SIERRA 1296 Square Feet
SEDONA 1484 Square Feet
SANTA RITA 1598 Square Feet
SAN CARLOS 1380 Square Feet 
SAN MARCOS1543 Square Feet
SAN GABRIEL 1760 Square Feet
LANTANA 1770 Square Feet
KACHINA 1972 Square Feet
I am a member of Tucson Association of Realtors and Multiple Listing Service of Tucson and can show you all Multiple Listing homes in Sunflower whether they are my listings or belong to another REALTOR.  This will save you time and frustration.